Teaching & Prophetic Prayer Packages

Silver Premium - $35

Gold Premium - $62

Platinum Premium - $88

Coaching & Training Programs

The Coaching Program - $179

3 Day Mastery Training Program - $375


This program gives you a step by step guide on specific goals and a niche to fit your specific ministry depending on what people you want to target and what you want your ministry to achieve. The tools on how you go about it and what resources you will need to get to your desired goal and targeted audience. How to get more exposure for your ministry. What to expect moving forward with your ministry. How ordination plays a role in your ministry. You will also get tips on how to organically grow your ministry.

VIP - 3 Day Mastery Training Program - $425

The Kenyatta McKinnon Experience - $2599

An all access to a 3 day exclusive weekend with Kenyatta McKinnon location will be announced via e-mail privately to those who have booked this package. Individual will be responsible for your flight, transportation from airport to hotel and your room accommodation cost. Hotel will be announced prior to the dates to book and will include breakfast for your stay. Everything else will be included free of charge. Days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
The Kenyatta McKinnon Experience Package includes:

3 Days Leadership and Development Signature Program Package - $799


This program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective leaders in your ministry. You will be taught effective communication, conflict resolution, team building, and strategic planning for your ministry.

This program will also give you a comprehensive guide on how you should set up workshops, seminars, conferences, and virtual events.

VIP - 3 Days Leadership and Development Signature Program Package - $849