Transforming Lives Through Faith, Security, and Personal Growth: Discover the Kenyatta McKinnon Experience

Kenyatta McKinnon

Prophetess · Faith Leader · Security Expert · Personal Growth Mentor

Uncover Your Spiritual Purpose, Enhance Your Security, and Ignite Personal Growth.


Kenyatta McKinnon

Prophetess · Security Expert · Personal Growth Mentor · Entrepreneur · Public Speaker

Kenyatta McKinnon, the driving force behind a global empowerment movement, has an inspiring journey that spans decades, missions that touch hearts, and services that transform lives. With unwavering dedication, she brings a wealth of experience and a passion for igniting potential to inspire transformation and empower individuals worldwide.

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Top Security Services, LLC: Your Safety, Our Priority

Top Security Services, LLC ensures safety and protection for individuals and organizations. This aspect of the brand offers peace of mind through security services, crisis response, risk assessments, and loss prevention. Explore how we safeguard your world.

Kenyatta McKinnon Ministries: Nurturing Faith, Inspiring Lives

At Kenyatta McKinnon Ministries, we’re dedicated to spiritual transformation and upliftment. Join our welcoming and nurturing community to deepen your faith and cultivate a meaningful relationship with a higher power.

Mentoring & Coaching: Unlock Your Potential

Elevate your personal and professional growth with Kenyatta’s tailored mentorship and coaching programs. Discover a world of possibilities and unleash your extraordinary.

KMI Foundation Inc.: Empowering Lives, Creating Change

Our nonprofit, KMI Foundation Inc., empowers, supports, and uplifts women and youth, providing them with opportunities, resources, and guidance to reach their full potential. Join us in making a meaningful impact.


Inspirational and thought-provoking! I left feeling empowered and ready to take on new challenges.
Alicia Hill
Real Estate Agent
Engaging, informative, and impactful. The speaker truly made a lasting impression.
Kisha Reid
A dynamic and compelling presentation that left a lasting impact on the audience. Highly recommended!
Theresa McIntosh
Executive Director
An eye-opening and motivating experience. The speaker's insights were truly invaluable.
Shannon Roberson
Police Officer
Captivating, insightful, and empowering. The presentation exceeded all expectations and left a lasting impression.
Talaya Mociers
Luxury T-Shirt Designer


Bridging The Gap:

Being the Change Your Community Needs!


Ignite inspiration, foster change, and leave a lasting impact. Kenyatta McKinnon brings passion, expertise, and a powerful message to your audience.